Gynoid lipodystrophy or Cellulite is a skin condition affecting predominantly women (the prevalence is around 85%-98%). It causes topographic changes to the skins surface as a result of alternations in dermal and subcutaneous tissues, leading to “orange peel” like skin. It can achieve 4 levels.


These gender-specific cutaneous alterations are caused by connective tissue fibrosis where the perpendicular orientation of the cell allows fat cells to protrude into the dermis and cause dimpling, which further increases with decreased skin elasticity and thickness, as well as with impaired microcirculation and blood flow.

The anti-cellulite massage aims to treat cellulite non-invasively, inducting neocollagenesis through a vigorous and rhythmical massage that heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, increasing local blood flow. It affects subcutaneous adipocytes, inducing their apoptosis leading to overall tightening and tights reshaping, improving blood and lymphatic microcirculations, causing neovascularization, promoting lipolysis and increasing collagen density, as well as improving skin elasticity reducing considerably cellulite appearance. The treatment is recommended regularly, alongside diet, exercise and right amount of water intake. It is contraindicated in pregnancy, hipertension, tromboses, osteoporoses and infections.