The modelling or contouring massage is a technique done with stronger and deeper movements in order to reach deeper layers tissue. The massage acts by increasing circulation, improving the local metabolism being a powerful tool against cellulite and localized fat.


The main purposes of it is to activate the local metabolism, increase blood circulation and stimulate neuromuscular responses, which gives the impression of being with the body more rigid and carved soon after the procedure.

The modelling massage has more vigorous movements than lymphatic drainage, executed quickly and firmly. After the session it is common to feel the area sore.

The modelling massage is recommended once or twice a week.

People with balanced diet and constant physical activity, one session is indicated after treatment every 15, 20 days after obtaining the expected result. Each session lasts an average of 30 to 40 minutes, and there may be an interval of 48 to 72 hours between each of them, according to the professional's assessment.

If the intention is to perform the massage in the abdomen, it is best not to eat before the session. Light food with fasting for an hour and a half is normally enough.

It is very important that the technique is done by a qualified professional.


Contraindications are:

People with heart disease, hypertension, fever and osteoporosis.

Varicose veins, capillary fragility and pregnant women are also contraindications.