As a Brazilian Aesthetic doctor myself, I understand the importance of post-surgical care done properly. This is something that is mandatory for any cosmetic procedure done in Brazil but is still in infancy in the UK.
Finding Flavia was beyond marvellous. She came to me on the second day post-surgery to start my lymphatic drainage, helping me tremendously with the swelling, bruising and the initial discomfort.
Flavia saw me every day after, making sure I was healing properly and that I could achieve the best aesthetic outcome of my surgery. By improving the circulation and minimising the swelling, my scars healed quickly and I was off painkillers in two days and back to work and driving two weeks post-surgery no problems.

I highly recommend Flavia to perform the very specific and high skilled post-surgical care, and I am more than happy to be the ambassador for her work.
— Dr Mica Engel - Cosmetica, Balham, London-Uk

Flavia is quite simply a gem! I have been in the aesthetic industry for 22 years internationally and I have never quite met any professional quite like her. Her approach is not only incredibly warm (which makes clients relaxed from the first moment) but her knowledge of the body is an encyclopaedia that is relatable to everyone. She relates on a level that doesn’t blind you with science but in a way in which you can actually understand how your body functions.

1) I had sessions before my wedding and honeymoon to prepare for the bikini body and my body felt lighter, stronger and looked great!

2) I hadn’t exercised for a few months due to an injury and felt incredibly bloated, one session with Flavia made me feel light and energised- even my husband noticed how good I looked!!

I just cannot recommend Flavia enough, I tell all my clients about her because I have 100% faith in her abilities and talent. Go get Flavia’s !
— Kate Schonfrucht – Facial & Body Specialist,Balham, London-Uk

I first started seeing Flavia 3 months ago & I have already seen such a drastic change in my body emotionally & physically. I spend a lot of time travelling & I see the impact it has on me; Flavia has tremendously helped in my body recovery. She is extremely knowledgeable & is passionately driven. She has also given me great advice on diet & supplementation. We should all regularly detox our bodies & one of the best ways to do this is through the lymphatic drainage treatment Flavia offers. The body sculpting is amazing - you will see a difference after one session!
— N. A. - Fulham - London - uk

Flavia came into my life when I was struggling with a lot of health issues that meant my energy and circulation were very low. In my first session I noticed a huge increase in heat through my body, and I could feel my circulation getting better. My bloat went and I just felt amazing.

I’ve been seeing Flavia now for several months consistently and I can tell you nothing else has made me feel or look as good as she does. Not only does it really work, Flavia is just incredible. I’m so lucky to have met such a wonderful women!
— Georgie Spurling - Fulham, London-Uk

Flavia is literally an angel .... when I first met her she helped me thru the aftermath of painful surgery with her medical knowledge, training and amazing skills and if it was not for her ... the outcome could have been be very different. She does not only make you ‘look’ amazing but she is a health professional and is fixing your body..her knowledge and her skills are second to none..... and her positive personality mean that when she leaves body and mind are fixed!!! I love her!!!
— Stephanie Vizer - Chelsea, London-uk

Hey Flavia thank you so much again for yesterday- you gave me life again! Here’s my testimony:

An absolute transformation! After my first session with Flavia I already saw an incredible change in my body figure. Areas I thought were hopeless (outer thighs) looked and felt so light and toned. My tummy saw the most improvement, with definition on my abs and toned obliques. However for me the biggest surprise was that she got rid of the two swollen lymph nodes under my jaw and underarm for 6+ months! They were filled with water as a result of a sluggish lymph system. Plus the overall feeling of thin, toned and completely rejuvenated! My second treatment was straight after a period of non stop flights and travelling, so my body and metabolism was suffering. She did her magic and detoxified my overall body, ridding of all the excess water from my legs, tummy, shoulders and even in between my ribs! I cannot recommend Flavia more if you are striving to achieve a balanced, healthy and a beautiful life inside out!
— Anonymous Client - Sloane Square - London - uk

Flavia aka Magic Hands!

I have been seeing Flavia for the last 6 months and I couldn’t image not seeing her once a week to quite literally work her magic.

She is a real life angel who is extremely professional, knowledgable with her own very unique Lymatic Drainage techniques to make this such a wonderful and beneficial experience. I instantly feel lighter with reduced water retention and bloating. Noticing such a significant different in my circulation too, which I always used to suffer with being cold and a weakened immune system, I certain feel a real boost every time I see her, mentally and physically that it! If you have met or had Flavia before you will know what I mean! The massage is also extremely relaxing and is my favourite treat to have one hour to myself each week!
— Tessa, @londonpaleogirl - London - UK

As a busy professional and mother, it’s essential to me that my beauty regimen investment time is both effective and good value for money. Flavia’s Lymphatic Drainage technique has given me great results within weeks and I have appreciated her professional approach and recommendations; the best beauty professionals tell you what you don’t need more that what you do!
— AG - West London-Uk

For years I struggled with stubborn belly fat. Even though I have a healthy lifestyle and I exercise often, having a toned tummy seemed impossible. I tried different beauty treatments, but with no success, until I was introduced to Flavia. I have been having Lymphatic Drainage and sculpture massage for the past 4 weeks and the results are impressive. After 5 sessions, I lost 5 cm of waist and 8 cm of lower belly. Flavia is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She is also a lovely person with a big heart and works incredibly hard. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel healthier and look amazing (and have a laugh on the way.
— Camila Marotta - Balham, London-Uk

I am so thrilled by Flavia’s Anti Cellulite treatment. I contacted her because even though I am a slim, toned, healthy woman my problem area has always been my inner thighs. I just couldn’t shift fat in that area no matter how much exercise or expensive creams I used.
Now after 5 sessions I have lost inches around my inner thighs! I am amazed at how different I look and feel in my tight clothing. I also love how tight and flat my stomach is after every treatment.
In my last session we both noticed how the fine veins in my legs have receded, which is the best news ever.
I love how I can have a treatment in the comfort of my own home which is such a treat.
Truly the entire package.
— Anonymous - Chelsea, London-Uk

Flavia is very knowledgeable and passionate about wat she does. I had my first treatment with her 6 weeks after my C-section and it lowered the discomfort and bloat in my belly. I felt lighter and I even started walking faster with improved posture. I have recommended her to my friends who have been equally impressed with her.
— Kensington & Chelsea, London-Uk